Podiatric Boot 122 Pad Red


The Inlight Boot 122 Red and Near-Infrared PLT Pad may be wrapped over the foot like a “boot” delivering two colors of light: Red and Near-infrared.

The Inlight Boot 122 Red and Near-Infrared PLT Pad has many applications. This pad is designed to fold over the entire foot like a “boot,” or extend lengthwise along the calf or shin.

  • Neoprene flexibility for ease of application anywhere on the body and on the foot.
  • Comfortably secured by a Velcro strap
  • Inlight Therapy PLT Therapy Pads are interchangeable between all Inlight controllers
  • 122 diodes of the polychromatic blend of red and infrared photon energy
  • 52 Red diodes (630 nm)
  • 70 NIR diodes (850 nm)
  • Controller required and sold separately


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