Facemask 104 Pad


The InLight Medical Facemask 104 Red/Blue PLT Pad is ergonomically designed to be placed over closed eyelids for a safe and effective dose of comforting blue and red LED light. Blending the skin-rejuvenating power of blue light with the circulation-enhancing power of red light, the InLight Facemask 104 delivers a gentle healing stimulus to skin tissue wherever the pad is placed.


  • Ergonomic design for application over closed eyelids
  • 10.25” x 5” neoprene flexibility for ease of application anywhere on the skin
  • Comfortably secured by a Velcro strap
  • InLight Medical PLT therapy pads are interchangeable between all InLight controllers
  • 104 diodes of the polychromatic blend of red and blue photon energy
  • 52 red diodes (630 nm)
  • 52 blue diodes (470 nm)


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