About Karen

“I look forward to working side-by-side with each of my clients to design an individualized plan for their TOTAL health. More energy, better sleep, an end to chronic conditions and freedom from medication and allergies.”

Karen is a Naturopathic Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist who has been counseling clients to optimal health for over 25 years. She is also a certified light therapist, an expert in bio-electric assessment, and has advanced education and training in the body systems, essential oils, homeopathy and nutritional support.

Why Bio-Electric Assessment

With a background in engineering I have always enjoyed learning how and why things work and ways to improve them. The body is one of the most beautiful and complex engineering masterpieces. The more I study it the more I’m aware of how my body and health effects all areas of my life.  When my health is at its best not only do I feel GREAT, but I discover the fullness of my own potential.

For sixteen years I struggled with allergies, energy, illnesses, and was always on antibiotics, antihistamines, inhalers, asthma meds, and allergy shots. When I was pregnant with my second child my health crisis hit a peak, and I sought alternative solutions. That’s when I discovered bio-electric assessment (hyperlink). It was 100% non-invasive, relaxing, and enlightening. The assessment not only identified my illness history, but targeted the root causes in my body that were creating the allergy or illness.

My family has also experienced life change through the Quantum biofeedback system. My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD, my oldest daughter had strep throat annually, and another member of my family suffered from chronic migraines. Using bio-electric assessment we were able to lengthen my sons attention span, calm his personality, and saw immediate results in his reading and writing. My daughter hasn’t had strep throat in 12 years, and my family member no longer suffers from migraines.

My passion and drive comes from a desire to see my clients reclaim their health and wellbeing through the use of the Bio-electric system and natural supplements.   No matter what age or stage of life they’re in, I work alongside my clients to ensure that they can experience the power and freedom I discovered when I reclaimed my own health, and the health of my family.

Karen’s Executive Assistant

Stephanie McIntosh 

Hi, I’m Stephanie McIntosh, the youngest in the McIntosh clan. But don’t let that fool you – it’s unanimous that I’m the smartest and most organized. This is why you’ll find me behind the computer or on the phone serving my mom and her clients as the Executive Assistant.

For the past 26 years, I’ve had the privilege of watching my mom deliver exceptional service to her clients. I look forward to continuing and enhancing that legacy as I help assist clients with online scheduling, client notes, communications, and eventually becoming a practitioner myself. 

Currently, I reside in Pasadena, CA, though I consider myself a Colorado-born Texan at heart. My background is in animal behavior and nutrition, with a decade of experience working with clients and their canine companions both individually and at larger facilities in Colorado, Texas, and California. In my free time, I enjoy outdoor adventures, smoking on my Traeger grill, and time with family and friends.

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I’m here to help you reach your health and wellness goals.